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The love for the sea and the need for quick getaways from everyday life, led us to create the Seagetaways. We aim to offer you an unforgettable experience with moments of carefree relaxation. Through the destinations that we recommend, and you will choose, depending on your needs and requirements. With comfort, style and above all the security you will feel throughout your trip. The experienced and our well trained crew will always be at your disposal with courtesy and discretion.

On every trip with Seagetaways, open the horizons of your thought, feel free and tune in to the sound of the sea and the waves. With only limited to your imagination, get to know the sea and the Greek islands as they really are. Find yourself in places where you will feel the power and serenity of the endless blue of the sea and the sky. Spend endless hours under the Greek sun and dream as you watching the sunset.