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VIP air transfer

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Providing service at the highest possible level, high level air transport, ensuring your safety, speed and comfort.
Nowadays, the helicopter is the fastest growing mean of transportation in the world. Ability to transport even to the most unapproachable places in a minimum of time.
Various types of helicopters for any type of flight with highly experienced, skillful and well-trained crew, ready to serve the needs of our customers.
We cooperate with the largest helicopter charter companies in order to service every need of air transport in the shortest possible time, always with the safety of flight.

VIP services.
Immediate service
Maintain privacy for each customer.
Fast reaction of availability.
Emergency Airlift Service.
Charter flight.
24 hours services.
Universal service provided by partner companies.
The cooperating helicopters have the necessary documents and the obligatory licenses and certifications.

Vip air transfers